Once upon a time in the land of Equinox there was neither long hair nor tattoos. Until Deb Medhekar came along.

Deb’s distinctive hairdo (or the lack of it) points us back to its origins at the anti-everything institute in Pune (FTII) where Deb acquired his characteristic hands-on, quirky-graphic aesthetic which allows him to deal with heavy visual effects while retaining a certain folksy twist.

While still at FTII a spec spot he did for a beer company in Germany won Deb the Konig Ludwig Trophy at the Munich International Students Film Festival. The prize money of 10,000 Euro paid for the rest of his projects including his diploma film - Swayambhu Sen Foresees His End.

Besides being selected for the Indian Panorama at the International Film Festival of India 2009, this short film has been screened at 6 International Festivals including Festival de Cine Internacional de Barcelona, St. Louis International Film Festival and Gold Lions Film Festival. It also garnered an Honorary Mention at the Columbus International Film & Video Festival.

However, the call of the ad world would not be denied.

Dodging past the temptation of Bollywood and wading through murky pools of music videos, Deb found himself (broke and dying to prove his worth) where he was always meant to be - at 140 Famous; doing what he was always meant to do - fight for people's attention in the short gaps between TV shows.

And so, it came to pass that Deb Medhekar (both hair and talent flying) became part of the next wave of directors at Equinox.

“All my life I live like I’m under water. It’s only when I’m making a film does it feel like I have come up to breathe." - Swayambhu Sen