A summer trainee in 1992, a director in 1998 and by unanimous choice the producer of Equinox Films Pvt Ltd in 2003. That’s the span of Manoj Shroff’s carrier at Equinox.

Having assisted Sumantra, then Ram through the 90’s, Manoj went on to direct over 80 commercials .

In 2003, came a new turn in Equinox’s fortunes. Poised to expand exponentially as a production house Equinox was in critical need of someone who could give it the leadership it needed – someone who could read a director’s dreams as as well as a balance sheet. Enter Manoj Shroff, Equinox’s new Producer.

As a producer Manoj took Equinox to greater heights by introducing new directors and helming a series of award-winning commercials.

In 2012 Manoj was instrumental in a new international direction to Equinox’s growth. GreatGuns@Equinox came into existence with the joint strengths of 2 of oldest youngest productions in their respective countries.

But the buck never stops anywhere for Manoj. The proof of this statement is Equinext the Digital wing of Equinox. Formed in 2014, the debut film of this division for Intel Dharavi film directed by Nitin Parmar, won the Kyoorius awards Blue elephant in 2014.

Manoj Shroff grew up and matured in Equinox. And now Equinox grows and matures with Manoj Shroff.