Equinox Films was just another name on Raja’s responsibilities list during his internship with B R Kapadia & Sons – a reputed firm of Chartered Accountants.

Running between a long list of clients Raja could hardly guess how closely involved his life would be with that of this one film company.

By 1987 Equinox had had enough of the ad hoc accounting methods that ran most production houses. The company was looking for a young, forward-thinking person to head up their spanking new Accounts Department.

Enter Raja Ved.

Raja not only disciplined the accounting methodology of Equinox but he also introduced a sense of calm to the hitherto unruly proceedings.

Today Raja has the experience and maturity that is the envy of other production houses. He is often called upon to share his views on larger industry matters or advise fledgling film companies.

Many would kill to have him run their accounts. Well, too bad. Because, over the years, Raja has become not just Equinox’s Chief Accountant but, more valuably, he is at the very heart of the Equinox family.