With over 20 years of experience in the profession Ram Madhvani has worked with every important advertising agency in the country to become one of India's most respected filmmakers.

In recognition of his prodigious talent and for his contributions to advertising Ram has been honoured with the coveted Teachers Achievement Award (2004-2005).

In 2006 Ram made the Indian advertising fraternity proud by winning a bronze and a silver lion at Cannes for the Happydent White commercial. The film also won him Best Director, Best Film and Best Production Design at the Asia Pacific awards..

In 2007 he was chosen amongst the top 10 Directors in the Asia Pacific region and was ranked number 11 in the most awarded Directors by the Gunn report.

Two commercials (Happydent and LMN) that Ram directed were amongst the Top 20 of the last twenty years in the Shots magazine which had the Best of Asia Pacific, the same issue featured the Hippo commercial that he directed.

In 2011 Ram was President of the Jury for Film Craft at Adfest Bangkok.


Ram has also made his mark as a director in worlds other than advertising.

His debut feature film Let's Talk premiered at the Locarno Film Festival. It then went on to win the Screen "Best Actor" award and "Best Debut Director" at the SrinivasGollapudi National Awards.

Ram's documentary, Everlasting Light, showcased India's superstar, Amitabh Bachchan, at the Lincoln Center in New York. Richard Peña, Director of the Lincoln Center, wrote: "It is rare that a film on an artist is itself a work of art."

In 2007, Aamir Khan asked Ram to direct the inventive "Bhejakum" song for his path-breaking film TaareZameen Par.

In 2012, Ram was again approached by Aamir Khan to direct the official theme song video for his TV series "SatyamevJayate."

Ram believes that these documentary and feature film experiences can only enrich his advertising work which he continues avidly to pursue.

This is no empty claim as seen most recently with Ram's latest blockbusters for Hippo Baked World Toasties and AirtelHarEk Friend & JohTeraHaiWohMeraHai commercials which have attracted universal praise and, dare we say, some measure of awe for the meticulousness of its detailing, the real life performances and the sheer scale of the production.

The Hippo Baked munchies launch film had won a Silver for best Direction in the Film Craft awards at Adfest Bangkok in 2011.

Ram would like his epitaph to read: "He died of an overdose. An overdose of cinema."