For over two decades Equinox has hand-crafted some of India's most path-breaking and memorable commercials, ranging from the evergreen Hamara Bajaj anthem to the celebrated Happydent White film to the Hippo campaign and the Airtel blockbuster campaigns that will remain evergreen in the world of advertising.

Along the way there has come together a diversity of directorial talent - Sumantra Ghosal and Ram Madhvani - who, between them, have the maturity and range of experience to shine in every cinematic genre. But Equinox is not resting on its laurels. We are constantly on the search for new talent. And this has led us to add three new directors to our roster: Nitin Parmar, Priyanka Ghose and Sandeep Modi.

These are people of vision and craft. And, very valuably, of proven mettle.

Nitin's passion for filmmaking led him to immerse himself in diverse directions: mainstream films, music videos, TVCs, film promos and much more.

Priyanka has degrees in Economics & International Relations, but decided to work in films and then advertising to address her true calling...film making. Her constant experimentation and out of the box approach has been earning her quiet a reputation for her edgy work.

Sandeep is not the one to slot himself in a genre! Having directed stellar actors for his shorts, he has graduated to Commercials.

Three directors from very different backgrounds. But, with one common need - to realize their dreams. Equinox is proud to be part of their creative journeys.

Helming this abundance of energy is Manoj Shroff. Having worked his way up the ranks from assistant to director and, now, Executive Producer at Equinox, Manoj brings discipline to our creativity. His organizational skill keeps Equinox supple and its directors free to do their job.

It is a strength that has not gone unnoticed. Over the years Equinox has worked with every major client and every major advertising agency in the country. Emotional, slapstick, earthy, stylish, classical, contemporary - we have done it all. (Some of it even began with us.)

Along the way there have been awards aplenty. Besides being feted at London, Adfest, Abby's, Clio and Cannes, Equinox is the only producer in the country to win "IAAFA Best Production House" three years in a row.

An interesting aside that marks our longevity: Sumantra and Ram have both won Cannes lions... but 14 years apart! And, just to show our continuing fondness for the French, in 2007 Ram won at Cannes again.

And so, clients and agencies return to us year after year. In the fickle world of advertising, where today's flavour is tomorrow's has-been, that is the best compliment there is which is why Equinox is the youngest oldest Production House in India.

Going a step further, Equinox presents GreatGuns@Equinox, Equinext and Equinox Features.

Equinox Features was associate producer on the critically acclaimed and successful Neerja starring Sonam Kapoor and Shabana Azmi.

Great Guns@Equinox brings together the strengths of two of the "oldest youngest" production houses in their respective territories. This collaboration will provide clients with a roster of some of the world’s best directors to craft beauty and hair commercials.

Equinext is a dedicated wing that caters to the digital world of film-making. Our directors are hungry, extremely talented and digitally conscious.

With Equinext our doors are now wide open to meet the client's digital needs.