Rhea Prabhu like most teens was in a state of confusion on the choice of profession to follow.

Being from the millennial generation, she was on a quest for something more and was not inclined to follow the “beaten track”.

She chose to pursue a course in mass communication. The impact of digital technology not just on media but also social behaviour exposed her to intimidating yet exciting times. So like a typical millennial, Rhea decided to do it all.

Hence all her vacations were utilised to intern in journalism, advertising, documentary filmmaking and marketing helping her gain knowledge and experience. Xavier's Institute of Communication brought her to Mumbai and in this magical city she found her "bearings". Along with her course in advertising she administered the first student initiated media festival at her college. After which, seeking a job in a production house seemed a logical progression; so, when Equinox offered her an internship she grabbed the opportunity.

The 7-year journey with Equinox has been of intense learning, immensely invigorating but with long hours. Her first feature film "Neerja" as Director's Assistant to Ram Madhvani brought to the fore her leadership qualities, her crisis management skills and most importantly her respect for the technical and emotional process of filmmaking. She once again proved that she has the qualities of being the back bone of the organisation.

Rhea is happy with her choice of profession. She is now Producer at Equinox.