It's no surprise Sunhil has become synonymous with high gloss in his advertising work, given his background. His British accent was earned by surviving Public School at Harrow (cold showers in sub-zero temperatures, hazing that resulted in third-degree burns, and having to memorise the Gospel According to Mark by heart) and he wears the cap of a foreign director with just enough desi in him to bridge the gap between East and West.

Perhaps to counter all this posh, he has spent almost 10 years wandering parts of Mumbai that any other Harrovian would find nothing less than harrowing. Street photography (medium format film, 35mm film and digital) has become a major part of his artistic journey. It is through his careful observation of Mumbai and other cities that he finds himself even more invigorated and excited. This eye for architecture/design, portraits, and art is reflected in his beauty and lifestyle work.

Overall, it’s Sunhil's passion for the visual arts, his ability to find beauty in both classical and surprising ways, and turning ordinary, everyday sights into lasting, sometimes esoteric images that endures.

With 20 years of experience in the business, Sunhil is happily settling into Equinox and is looking forward to bringing his varied skills and experience to the table, for all kinds of visual narratives.