With degrees in Economics & International Relations, Priyanka decided to address her true making! And packed her bags & left from Calcutta to work in films.

Life in Mumbai started off for her as a production assistant on foreign films, then she went on to climb the ladder of responsibility & position, till she became a freelance First Assistant Director to various renowned directors in Bollywood feature films.

She has shot extensively all across the world.

After being a 1st AD she moved on to becoming a freelance Line Producer and worked a lot with with Equinox Films.

Having assisted directors, having worked on numerous film productions as a part of the core team, she paved her way towards directing her own films. Her films are a true reflection of her quirky nature & stylish persona. Her constant experimentation & out of the box approach has been earning her quite a reputation for her edgy work. She likes to dabble with all kinds of formats – she has directed TVCs, digital films, music videos, corporate videos, documentary, travel videos, TV series. Storytelling of all kinds attract her.

We at Equinox are extremely excited to have our first female director on board and look forward to making some amazing films that will capture a million hearts together.